Flying Home With a Win

The Reds ended the series in St. Louis with a 4-0 win. They redeemed themselves after yesterday’s embarrassing loss, going up 4 runs and losing the game 7-5. This was a big win for the Reds, as they have an off day tomorrow and host the Tampa Bay Rays during the weekend. The Redlegs are happy to be done with this series and road trip, and hope to pick things up on Friday where they left off. This win was a combined effort, between pitching and hitting, but the star was the speedy Billy Hamilton.

ImageThe Reds combined 10 hits and held the Cardinals to just 4. Hamilton had 3 hits, including a triple, 2 stolen bases and scored twice, one on a very shallow fly ball and tagged from third to score. Phillips had 2 hits and 1 RBI. Votto and Bruce were hitless again. Votto’s first at bat he struck out, but looking at the replay of the strike 3 call, the ball was a few inches outside, but still a strikeout nonetheless. Votto left 4 on base, not what you want to see for the 3 hole hitter. Bruce got a lucky RBI with Hamilton’s speed at 3rd. Image

Todd Frazier didn’t get a hit, Heisey got 2 hits and so did Mesoraco. Devin Mesoraco came off the DL two days ago, and got 2 doubles yesterday and a home run today. He was ready to go, that’s for sure. The shortstop, Santiago, got a hit and left 3 on base. Mike Leake and pinch hitter Bernadina didn’t get a hit. Leake tried to bunt with 2 strikes and fouled it back for an out. Odd call by Price, especially since Leake is one of the leagues best hitting pitchers.

Speaking of Mike Leake, he was spectacular today. 8 innings pitched, allowed 4 hits, 1 Imagewalk and struck out 3. His record is now 1-1 and has a 2.45 ERA so far. Manny Parra was perfect in the 9th, not allowing a runner to reach base. Billy Hamilton and Devin Mesoraco stole the show today, and spoiled the Cardinals’ hopes for a sweep against their rivals. I’ll be at the game on Friday, so hopefully I’ll see a win, with Cueto matching up against David Price. Maybe Cueto will get some run support this time. Until then, go Reds!


Desperate win

The Reds came away with a much needed win today. Alfredo Simon was spectacular in his first start as a Red, and first start in two years. With this win the Reds go into St. Louis with some momentum at 2-4 and avoided a 4 game losing streak. Cincinnati is 2 games behind Milwaukee and Pittsburgh and one behind St. Louis. This upcoming series in St. Louis is a big one, and can set the tone for the rest of the season. 6 games in, the Reds should be getting rolling and they started with that today in the final game against the Mets to avoid the sweep.Image

Heisey got another hit, Phillips got 2 hits, while Votto struck out twice and didn’t have a hit, but did bring in a run with a sac fly. Although when the bases are loaded, 0 outs and your 3rd batter is in the box you hope to come away with more than one run and an out. But, that’s all the Reds needed luckily. Ludwick got 2 hits, Bruce was hitless but had 2 walks. Frazier continued his hitting streak alive with a hit, Cozart is still hitless and left 5 men on base. Simon got a hit as well, while the Reds struck out 9 times and left 13 on base. Team RISP was 2-for-8. 

ImageSimon was brilliant in his start today. 7 innings pitched, allowed 4 hits, 1 run, 1 walk and struck out 6. The reliever came through big for the Reds, filling in for the injured Mat Latos. Another reliever who came in big was Manny Parra. 2 innings pitched, 0 walks, and 2 strikeouts. Parra faced the minimum 6 batters and had a dominating slider today. It was nice to see Bryan Price kept Parra out for more than an inning, something Baker would rarely do. The pitching was great again for the Reds, just lack of run support. 

Overall, this was a much needed win, The Reds edging the Mets with a 2-1 victory. The Reds head to St. Louis, who just lost today, so the momentum is in the Red’s favor and hopefully will carry on to the rival city. Tomorrow we see Tony Cingrani match up again against the young right hander Michael Wacha. Cingrani with 9 strikeouts versus Wacha’s 7. Neither have any earned runs, so it should be a good pitchers duel. Until then, go Reds.

Tough one to swallow

To say I didn’t see that grand slam coming would be a lie. The day game on Saturday put the Reds at 1-4 and tied for last with, yep you guessed it, the Cubs. The Redlegs are on a 3 game losing streak and already lost the series to the Mets. The Mets got swept in their opening series, and they came back and are now ahead of us in the standings. This game was indeed a tough one to swallow. Here are the stats.

The Reds leadoff man, Bernadina had 0 hits, 1 SO, and 3 LOB. I miss Choo. Phillips was 1-4 but had a home run and 2 RBI’s. Votto and Bruce each came up empty with a combined 0-8 . Ludwick had his first home run of the season, and it was also his only hit, same as Phillips. Frazier came up with a hit and a walk, while the man behind him, Cozart struggled again. Cozart is still hitless in the season and struck out once urland left 2 on base today. The rookie catcher, Barnhart had his first two major league hits today and they were solid hits. Even Cueto got a hit, and Heisey also came up with a hit when he pinch hit.

Now time for pitching. Cueto had another great start spoiled by the Reds closers, and lack of run support. Cueto went 7 innings pitched, 5 hits, 2 runs, 3 walks, 9 strikeouts and 1 home run. Cueto’s ERA so far is 1.93 and his record stands at 0-1, since Hoover took the loss today. Sam LeCure was dominant in his first outing of the year, 1 strikeout and 1 inning pitched.images Now onto Hoover… I am not a fan of Hoover, I watched him blow 3 games last year, all early on in the season, but still blown saves nonetheless. Hoover is a dominating pitcher about halfway through the season and on, but not early in the season. Hoover had 2 walks and a hit. Too bad that hit was a walk-off grand slam. Hoover pitched to 4 batters in the 9th and all of them touched home. That’s all there is for that.

Now I like to think there is a silver lining to everything. You have to dig to find one for this game. You can say that Cueto continues to impress, and it was great to see Phillips and Ludwick get their first jacks of the season.The Reds were only 1-for-2 in team RISP and left a total of 8 men on base; improvement I guess. I know it is still early on in the season, but I remember just a couple of years ago when we started 5-0 and everyone was so excited for the season, even though it ended in utter disappointment. Hopefully the Reds start to turn things around, which is going to be tough, when they play St. Louis in St. Louis next week. But only time will tell. As always, go reds!

Opening Night


Welcome to my first post on Reds Baseball! I am going to skip right over Opening Day, I like to just enjoy the day and not analyze it, and go right into Opening Night. Opening Night was just as slow and as much of a pitchers duel as Opening Day was, except for the fact that we got our first run of the year, and a walk-off nonetheless! I consider Opening Night the first day of the season, mainly because Opening Day is great for the city, but it’s always going to be a pitcher’s duel, and everyone is still getting into the routine of playing again.

That being said, Opening Night wasn’t much better than Opening Day, stats wise. Joey Votto came up with two hits and a walk, which was nice to see after his 0-4 start two days prior. Billy Hamilton however still has a .000 average after 8 plate appearances, but only struck out once this time. Bruce is also still hitless, leaving three men on base during Opening Night. Frazier is the Reds’ best player right now, with an average of .500 but had a couple of strike outs on Opening Night. Cozart hasn’t gotten a hit yet either, but he did help with a perfect sac bunt. He also left three on base that night as well. The problem early on in the season is how the Reds are hitting with runners in scoring position, RISP. Opening Night they left 9 men on base, and Opening Day they left 20 men on base! 29 LOB, 19 Strikeouts, 9 hits, 1 run and 1 win in two games. I know it’s early, but you can’t help but worry about how the Reds will do with RISP.

Everyone thinks that Joey Votto is being overpaid for basically just getting on base and not having a lot of RBI’s. I can see the argument for some people, but also when no one gets on base in front of him, how is he going to get any RBI’s? There hasn’t been a runner on base for Votto in 7 of his 8 plate appearances. Hamilton and Phillips need to at least get walked, and stop swinging at the ground and first pitches.

Now that all of the negatives are out of the way, lets talk about the good that happened in Opening Night. Two words: Tony Cingrani. How good was he on the big night? Fearless, confident, and dominant. Cingrani doesn’t back down for any batter and just comes right at them with a 96 mph fastball. That’s what this Reds club needs, especially with Bailey lingering on an injury and Latos and multiple other pitchers on the DL. Cingrani is showing no signs of the Sophomore curse, and has never let more than 5 hits in any of his starts. Just think about how crazy that is, a 24-year old with an MLB record that is 100 years old. If the Reds don’t sign him long term, there may be a riot in Cincinnati. He has all the potential and more to be an Ace in just a few short years.

cingranisnarlNow even though the Reds have left 29 men on base, they did win on Opening Night. Chris Heisey, the Reds hottest hitter in spring training, came in to pinch hit and lined one down the left field line for a walk-off win. The Cardinals had 5 infielders and Heisey smacked it right past them. Looking forward to seeing more of Heisey this year hopefully, and just happy that baseball is back! Until next time, go Reds!