Tough one to swallow

To say I didn’t see that grand slam coming would be a lie. The day game on Saturday put the Reds at 1-4 and tied for last with, yep you guessed it, the Cubs. The Redlegs are on a 3 game losing streak and already lost the series to the Mets. The Mets got swept in their opening series, and they came back and are now ahead of us in the standings. This game was indeed a tough one to swallow. Here are the stats.

The Reds leadoff man, Bernadina had 0 hits, 1 SO, and 3 LOB. I miss Choo. Phillips was 1-4 but had a home run and 2 RBI’s. Votto and Bruce each came up empty with a combined 0-8 . Ludwick had his first home run of the season, and it was also his only hit, same as Phillips. Frazier came up with a hit and a walk, while the man behind him, Cozart struggled again. Cozart is still hitless in the season and struck out once urland left 2 on base today. The rookie catcher, Barnhart had his first two major league hits today and they were solid hits. Even Cueto got a hit, and Heisey also came up with a hit when he pinch hit.

Now time for pitching. Cueto had another great start spoiled by the Reds closers, and lack of run support. Cueto went 7 innings pitched, 5 hits, 2 runs, 3 walks, 9 strikeouts and 1 home run. Cueto’s ERA so far is 1.93 and his record stands at 0-1, since Hoover took the loss today. Sam LeCure was dominant in his first outing of the year, 1 strikeout and 1 inning pitched.images Now onto Hoover… I am not a fan of Hoover, I watched him blow 3 games last year, all early on in the season, but still blown saves nonetheless. Hoover is a dominating pitcher about halfway through the season and on, but not early in the season. Hoover had 2 walks and a hit. Too bad that hit was a walk-off grand slam. Hoover pitched to 4 batters in the 9th and all of them touched home. That’s all there is for that.

Now I like to think there is a silver lining to everything. You have to dig to find one for this game. You can say that Cueto continues to impress, and it was great to see Phillips and Ludwick get their first jacks of the season.The Reds were only 1-for-2 in team RISP and left a total of 8 men on base; improvement I guess. I know it is still early on in the season, but I remember just a couple of years ago when we started 5-0 and everyone was so excited for the season, even though it ended in utter disappointment. Hopefully the Reds start to turn things around, which is going to be tough, when they play St. Louis in St. Louis next week. But only time will tell. As always, go reds!


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